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What do we do?

Seed Scholars offers a variety of garden and nature-based education opportunities with the aim of elevating access to building relationship with environmental knowledge and skills in the outdoors.

Seed Scholars for

Home & Community Gardens

Stained House

Seed Scholars provides consultations and community/back garden engagements for your convenience. From generating planting design ideas to providing a back garden workshop/series for you and your loved ones, If you are located in the Dublin area and would like to avail of these services, please contact Seed Scholars via email to register your interest. 


Seed Scholars at Schools

School Bus

Through 6-8 week seasonally adapted, curriculum-aligned session packages for primary schools, Seed Scholars promotes and facilitates the type of ongoing nature and garden engagement that cultivates lifetime nature curiosity, understanding, and connection. 

In certain cases, Seed Scholars also offers opportunities for once-off, seasonally-themed workshops and special projects for schools. 

Please contact Seed Scholars to further discuss a bespoke site-based experience for your school.


Seed Scholars at Events and Festivals 

Green Painted Ribbon

Food, music, and other public gatherings, events and festivals create an excellent platform from which to build community and learn together. As such, Seed Scholars is available on a case by case basis for demonstrations and talks on topics ranging from seasonal planting strategies, to enhancing garden biodiversity, to starting your own vermicompost/worm bin, and more. Please get in touch so we can tell you more!


About Seed Scholars 

Testimonials for seed scholars

“Eliya pre-recorded an engaging, fun and educational customised farm tour for our 1st and 2nd class. 

We were trying to organise a summer trip for the children as schools were closed and I am so delighted that we found Seed Scholars. Eliya communicated directly with the teachers and was hugely flexible and ensured to fit in with both the technology that was being used and the content that the children had been learning about. Her tour brought us to the goats, hens, cows, the garden, the ice cream machine and also explained how to plant a seed. Throughout the tour, Eliya was enthusiastic and extremely engaging. 

The children absolutely loved each video and displayed such excitement even through the screen! 

I couldn’t recommend Seed Scholars enough and hope to see more of Eliya in the next school year.”

- Stephanie Morely, 

SET at St. Andrews NS

"Eliya is an absolute pleasure to deal with. She brings so much energy and positivity into the sessions. Her enthusiasm is infectious and the children warm to her immediately. Eliya listens closely to what you would like for the children from the session and is very flexible. We really enjoyed our session. Thank you from the Robins!"

-Alison, Riverview ETNS

SI/1st Class Teacher

Flower Plant

"I would hugely recommend a virtual school tour with Seed Scholars. Eliya is so knowledgeable and pitches the videos perfectly. All my class really enjoyed it and we got such positive feedback!"

-Ciara, Canalway ETNS 1st Class Teacher


"Eliya and all the team at Seed Scholars are truly fantastic. I am a junior infant teacher and Eliya provided us with videos for our virtual school tour. The videos and content are of a very high quality. They provided a much needed service to children during this very unusual time. If you haven’t checked out Seed Scholars yet you are missing out!!"

-Naomi, Junior Infants Teacher


"Eliya did such an amazing job engaging my third grade scholars via the Zoom platform during our distance learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic. On Earth Day, Eliya led us on an engaging tour of her garden and showed us a variety of plants, vegetables, and fruits. As she explained different topics, Eliya did a fantastic job weaving students’ inquiry questions (submitted prior to our Zoom session) into the conversation. My students felt so heard and validated whenever she mentioned their inquiry questions. One of my students shared how Eliya “looked like she wanted to be with us.” She went on to explain how Eliya used an expressive tone of voice and was smiling the whole time, emphasizing the fact that Eliya seemed to be so genuinely happy to be sharing her knowledge with us. I honestly couldn’t agree more. Her smile, her energy, and her validation of my students created such an enjoyable and engaging morning for my students, during a particularly difficult time for our world. Eliya’s love for the environment, gardening, and children really shines through her work. Thank you so much for creating such a meaningful experience for my scholars!"

- Jenna Mirander, 3rd Grade Teacher in Los Angeles


We'd love to hear from you!

Email with inquiries or to register your interest. Join the mailing list below to stay up to date on the latest news and offerings. 

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